My rescue puppy too scared to housebreak!

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Just brought home my pup today! She's probably a 6-month old brittany/lab mix, but she's had a pretty rough go of it so who knows. She was really terrified both times outside (when I got her into the car, and then from car into the home). I got her into her crate as soon as we got home and she hasn't left since then.

I'm not concerned about her being afraid – I know this is terrifying for her and she just needs time – but how should I deal with housebreaking her? She's so far just been peeing in her crate (which she did in her brief foster period too); will that be detrimental to housebreaking her?

So far I've been working a lot on slowly getting her out of the crate, basically with shape training via kibble. She even got as far as four paws out a couple of times (but promptly circled back around)! I'm happy to slowly introduce her to the world at her own pace, but I just want some reassurance I'm approaching this correctly.

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