My rescue pup resource guards me against my other dog

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I recently adopted a rescue puppy. I think he is part jack Russell part border collie. He was rescued from a truck along with 13 other puppies that were being smuggled from a puppy farm from Ireland to Scotland.

He is obsessed with food and will nip at my older dogs face to prevent him from going near it, especially when I’m eating. When I see him do this I put him in another room. I should probably put the other dog out too? Thoughts?

Anyway he also seems to get “jealous” when I pet my other dog by barking or nipping at his face or he will growl if he is lying next to me and my other dog walks in the room. He is only 17 weeks or so and I don’t want this becoming an issue. My older dog who is a border collie is an absolute angel and I feel bad for him.

Sometimes my older dog will correct him but he’s a softy so it doesn’t happen very often, I’d prefer if he did tell him off more.

Just looking for some advice/tips on what to do before resorting to a behaviourist as cash is tight! I do clicker training with him already.

I read if you try and make them “respect you” they will stop resource guarding you? So I’ve been hand feeding and only giving food if he obeys commands. Feeding throughout the day using his food as treats for training.

If any of that is a big no please let me know and give me some advice! I don’t want any aggression to stem from this he’s a good little guy apart from this.

Oh and yesterday he wouldn’t go out in the rain to use the toilet and when I went to bed I noticed he had used MY BED as a place to go, which I found odd as normally it would be the floor. Is this related?


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