My rescue is over protective of me when I’m laying in bed

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I have a four year old rescue who I’ve had for a little over a year. He was in bad shape when I got him. We don’t know his history, but he was almost certainly abused. It took months and months for him to start behaving like a “normal” dog. He listens to me very well and is eager to please and for the most part is an amazing dog.

However, whenever I am in bed, if my boyfriend tries to come into the room my dog runs at him and barks and growls and positions himself between my boyfriend and me. It’s like he forgets who my boyfriend is for a few seconds. Once my boyfriend is in bed, my dog stops being protective and snuggles right up with my boyfriend. I don’t want to yell at my dog because I don’t want to reinforce that there is a need to protect me when he comes in, but it seems to be the only thing to get his attention during this. How can I train him to not be over protective of me?

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