My rescue dog doesnt like walks

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I adopted a four month old rescue almost three weeks ago and she has been amazing so far. She sleeps through the night, hasn't had an accident inside since day one and has responded well to other training so far.

My one concern is that she has no interest in walks. We have a fully fenced in court yard that she loves to explore but when it comes to a walk she wont go past our small front yard. I dont want to force her to go any further but she has only has expanded her comfort area a few feet since the day we got her. To make it even more difficult, she has absolutely no interest in food when outside. She is treat motivated for her other training but that's gone the first step past the front door. I've tried better treats like meat and cheese too but she refuses to even give those a second smell.

I took her for a walk at the adoption event with her foster and she walked no problem at all. A few times I've gotten her to walk a couple houses down but she constantly turned back to see if she could see our house and would pull in that direction. Any trip outside usually ends in her sitting down and shaking. Once I start motioning back towards the house she gets up and quickly leads the way to the front door.

I am wondering if I just need to stay consistent and let her adjust on her own time or if there are other ideas or approaches I should be taking.

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