my pups become very aggressive towards strangers!

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hello there!! i have a 9 month old rescue and i believe she is a black shepherd mix! i love her with all my heart but she’s terribly scared of everything! i rescued her at 3 months and she was perfect and loved everyone and everything until i went home for winter break where she met my parents dog who is very mean and hates people and other dogs. my parents dog barks and growls at other people and dogs. all

my dog now growls and barks at people and will even lunge at them. this usually only happens when strangers arrive to our house! she hasn’t bitten anyone…yet but i’m hoping to get her some help so she doesn’t bite people. when we’re outside on walks she’s fine just a little reserved.

i’ve been looking into behaviorists near me to take her to but if anyone has any advice or has had aggressive dogs and knows what to do please let me know! i love her so much and refuse to give up on her!

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