My puppy won’t stop eating cat poop!

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Hi everyone, I have an 8 month old lab/shepherd/pit (at least that's what they told us at the shelter) and we've had him since September, so about 4 months. He is a wonderful dog (albeit stubborn at times) but we also have two cats.

When my husband and I aren't watching him, he insists on eating cat poop! The litter box isn't cleaned daily (I'm lazy) so he just thinks it's a buffet. Unfortunately, I can't put a lid/dome on the litter box because one of my cats refuses to use the box if there's a lid on it and she will go to the bathroom in the house if there's a lid on her box. I know there's a food sprinkle to keep dogs from eating their OWN poop, but is there something I can give the cat, or something I can place around the litter box that won't bother the cats? TYIA!!

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