My puppy won’t eat all of her food. Help?

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I just adopted an 2 month golden retriever, she’s smart and adorable but she isn’t eating all her food. The bag of food suggests 1 & 1/2 cups of food for puppies up to 8 months old, i give her the amount in her bowl but she’ll only eat about 1/2 a cup or 3/4 of a cup. She’s not sick or sad, she’ll just walk up to the food, eat, then stop.

Her breeder told me her and her siblings were free feeding (food available 24/7) and I have her on a feeding schedule now bc I’m trying to potter train her and I can’t do that if she’s eating whenever) but she’s 8 weeks old and 7 pounds

I give her vitamins to make sure she’s getting nutrients tho.

Am I doing things right?

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