My puppy will randomly get really aggressive only with me

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I have a 9 week old golden retriever and he was always known to be the feisty one of the litter. There is no denying he loves us as he will curl up next to our legs to sleep. But this changes when he gets toys. After a play session or he bites his toys, he either goes to bed or will randomly attack me, growling and lunging for my clothes and hands. He only does this to me and I'm not sure if he thinks I'm the fun guy who plays all the time but it seems he gets over excited. We have started putting him alone whenever he does this. When he lunges for me, I gently put him down on the sofa. When he is with me on the sofa, he will be all calm one minute and the next he will be completely persistent on biting my hands and clothes. He doesn't do this with the person who sleeps and feeds him or anyone else in the house, but with me he will be all calm one minute but then I pay attention to him and stroke him and he starts biting me so I immediately take my hand away and that's when he starts lunging and we put him away on his own (only in the kitchen where we can still see him). I have also started putting his lip over his teeth to stop him (gently of course). please help because I want to be able to have fun with my puppy, not be worried every time I walk around him that he will bite me. He has now ripped my pyjamas from when I try to walk away and he just latches on to the leggings. thanks for reading, sorry its long, just need to try and stop this before his jaws really do some damage.

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