My puppy will pee on the carpet then run to her pee pad

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I'm not too sure what to do about this… I have had my 10 week old Maltese x Shih Tzu for a week. Since its only seen a week of potty training I understand accidents are bound to happen. However, twice now she did a wee on the carpet and as I saw it I said "no" was ready to pick her up and place her on the pee pad we have been using to train her on, ALTHOUGH before I could even pick her up she would run straight to her pee pad.

I'm not too sure how to handle this as this tells me she knows where she is supposed to do her business but will do it in the incorrect spot anyway. Is it wrong of me to say no to her? I do say it in quiet a stern tone. I also try to take her to the potty area as often as possible but these were accidents I did not anticipate.

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