My puppy will go inside right after being outside on walks?

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Hey! I post here a lot haha. I have an almost 5 month old pomsky who is , according to his breeder, he was used to going in and out as he pleased with a doggy door. I unfortunately do not have that, as I live in an apartment. I’ve had him for about 3 weeks now, and potty training has been a mess. I’ll take him outside and he might pee, but the moment we get back in…well, 20-30 min later he’s pooped or peed inside. I’ve also tried crating him while I work at home to kind of help with the schedule but he hates his crate. He howls and barks and scratches..and since he’s injured right now I don’t want him to regress or further hurt himself so I always cave and take him out of the crate.

He’s nursing/recovering from a broken leg, so he isn’t allowed to do much right now… but he’s also really destructive when bored, and the best thing to do exercise but he can’t do that for another 7 weeks. I have another puppy, a corgi mix, who is barely 4 months old and housebroken and crate I don’t get why the same steps I used for him aren’t working for the Pomsky .

Oh, forgot to mention. He loves trying to chew on anything I can, except for his chew toys. Loves to chase the cats as well. Overall he’s a mess. I love him but whew 😬

I don’t want to give up on him but he’s really testing me these days and it’s exhausting. Thanks for coming to my vent 😭

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