My puppy tested positive for THC and Barbiturates

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To preface, I am Canadian, and marijuana is legal here. I was generally in support of the legalization and still see it as a positive, but after my puppy ingested some marijuana on the weekend, I can’t help but just be annoyed and angry.

I took my 12 week old pug puppy to the lake on the weekend, and there’s a small beach area there. I wanted to walk her along the shore and then let her get a feel of the sand. She was interested the whole time and sniffing/getting sand and leaves in her mouth (as she does). I did not notice if she had picked anything up, I’m usually pretty attentive if she lunges after garbage or a cigarette butt, etc.

About 4 hours later, she was lethargic, wobbly, couldn’t stand, and would not eat or drink (she is HIGHLY food motivated so I knew something was wrong). I was instantly panicking and crying, and had my mom call the emergency vet in our area. It was a Saturday night so we waited for about 2 hours while they did testing to see what it could have been. Since we had about 0 information to go on they had to do elimination testing.

Luckily a urine test was one of the first couple tests they did, so it could have been a lot more expensive and serious, but hearing the vet tell me that she tested positive for THC and barbiturates broke my heart. They’re best guess is that she picked up a roach on the beach or on a walk, and because she’s a small 5 lbs it just hit her really hard.

I’m so relieved because she was able to sleep it off and was back to herself by the morning!! But I’m still a little annoyed about the whole situation; I was scared I was going to lose her and had no idea what was going on. Just because people are too lazy to dispose of their garbage. No matter how small, I guess it only took a small amount.

If anyone else lives in a marijuana-legalized place, just be extra vigilant about this!! Especially if you have a small dog!

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