My puppy suddenly started barking and crying in his crate?

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She's been incredibly good the whole 3 months I have had her. At first I was worried because I live in an apartment, but she's been super good! Potty training and crate training was easy. She was really well behaved and I could count on my hand how many times she's barked.

Then the other day, I was taking her out for her daily walk when my downstairs neighbor pulled me aside and told me she's been barking nonstop for the past week while I was at work.

She told me she just wanted me to know because it was out of ordinary and was afraid people would start complaining. I'm super glad she told me, otherwise I would have never known!

But now I have no idea how to fix this. The only thing I can think of is that her crate is bigger now, and I started coming to work 30 min earlier. I checked my cameras and sure enough she barks every 5 minutes. I can hear her from the parking spaces and I'm scared the neighbors are going to be upset.

Has this happened to anyone else? She's 6 months now if that helps.

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