My Puppy Seriously Won’t Stop Barking in Crate

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I just got an 11 week old puppy and she absolutely hates her crate. She never slept in a crate before last night and barks nonstop for hours. I’ve been trying to coax her in with treats and have her eat her food in the crate with the door open but it seems that no matter what she will bark like crazy once the door is closed. I’m worried my neighbors will get upset with it because she’s so loud and I’m scared she will never learn to sleep in the crate. This is my very first puppy and I’m really worried about her. I don’t want her to have separation anxiety and I’ve really been trying to make her crate a comfortable and happy environment. I’ve put toys in there as well, but she doesn’t care. I have a nice bed in there for her and a blanket I put over the top of the crate but again, she doesn’t care. This is only the second day I’ve had her and I know it’s gonna take some time for her to learn, but I am really worried about it. If anyone has any tips to help they would be much appreciated.

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