My puppy pooped out LIVE worms!!! Help!!

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My puppy pooped out about 8 long, white and ALIVE worms [I suspect it's tapeworm]. I dewormed her 1 month ago after her first set of shots then again 3 days ago [she is 3 months old now] she lived in horrible conditions and she had ear mites, fleas and ticks and I taught she had worms because she has BIG appetite but she's still skinny but her stomach was bloated all the time.

I will take her to the vet tomorrow because they are not working today and this is not emergency they said. I googled a lot by now but I'd like for someone with experience to answer or someone who knows something about this

Could I have tapeworm too because I let her lick my face and she sleeps with me? Can my older dog have this too [I haven't noticed any symptoms] even though she is dewormed every 2 months for past 5 years? [And they sometimes share water bowl] What do I do now?? Because I never had a dog with worms since we always treated them and kept them healthy from day 1 but this puppy came horrible sick to my home so I am honestly not surprised to see her sick again submitted by /u/Leona_K
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