My puppy loses his mind when he sees people

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I've got a 5 month old blue heeler that absolutely loses his mind when he sees other people. He just wants to run to them and jump and climb and kiss and wiggle and, unfortunately, pee all over them.

He normally listens to me pretty well, and can even be off leash in our unfenced yard, right up until he spots a neighbor, then I don't matter at all. Same when we go to a house, he just loses his mind basically the entire time we're there.

This came to a head tonight when I opened the door to shut the garage. He normally just follows me down the hall, but he heard some kids playing in the street and was gone before I knew what was happening. I had to physically chase him down and pick him up to get him off the kids (which was its own battle, as the kids kept running and it became a game).

Obviously I can't have this behavior continue, but unfortunately I don't really have any friends nearby to help practice with and not much family either. Any advice?

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