My puppy licked my face while I was crying last night

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Last night my husband took our pup on a walk while I needed some time to work on a few projects. A little while later he called me in a frantic voice from just outside our apartment complex, asking me to come rescue him bc our 5mo ACD mix wouldn’t stop jumping at the leash and biting him.

What ensued next was not a pretty picture, but one I’m hoping many other puppy owners are familiar with. We finally managed to get our dog inside after enduring too many bites and trying our best to refocus and redirect. My husband retreated to his office and I cried at the dining room table.

Our sweet and stubborn and energetic dog laid down with a bone and chewed on it for about 5 minutes but then stopped bc he heard me crying. He walked over to me and jumped up to lick my face, then went and got his bone, brought it over to me and laid down at my feet & continued chewing it.

He’s so darn adorable one minute and so fired up the next. We are looking into private training but anyways, I just wanted to share with someone. I love my pup, even when he’s a little land shark.

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