My puppy keeps biting through her leash

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Really just that. My puppy has never been abused, I've had her since 7 weeks old (her moms owners were getting kicked out of their house and needed a place for the puppies like that day), and she's only a mild chewer. She is a 3.5 month pitboxer.

I've been putting off leash training her just because we have a huge fenced in yard and I haven't taken her for car rides or anything. I put her harness on and a leash to see how she does and she just laid down and refused to move, like trying to leash a cat. Left the room for literally a minute to get something and she'd already chewed through her leash! Went to go throw it away, came back and she'd chewed her harness as well.

Tldr how do I stop puppy from biting her leash in two whenever I turn my head for a second? Do I just have to monitor her the entire time? I wanted to get a collar in case she gets out of the fence but I dont wanna buy 10 of them lol.

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