My puppy is surviving Parvo and now what?

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If anyone has been following along I have a 11 week old Mal who contracted Parvo in less than a week of getting him. It’ll be one week tomorrow actually. Anyways, I love this pup to death. He’s my best friend and the light of my life. As soon as he was showing symptoms I took him to the vet, signed up for CareCredit, and got him in for the night. The vet lets him leave the next day with a few different meds to give him and instructions on to keep him inside or away from public spaces for the next 3 weeks.

I’m so grateful he’s alive and doing better but it’s also become so exasperating again. My feelings are a mixture of frustration and puppy blues. I can’t leave him alone because he refuses to use puppy pads, he sleeps on them and will pee elsewhere. If I move the pad to where he pees he’ll sleep where I moved it to and pee somewhere else. Before he became symptomatic he was getting pretty good at going outside. Any accidents happened right by the door on the tile floor. Now I feel at a loss on what to do.

Today we went to my mom’s apartment to babysit my younger siblings and he goes on the balcony. While outside he pooped two separate times (diarrhea) and when I was cleaning up one of them he ran inside and peed. He’s so affectionate and a little “Velcro” puppy. He wants to be all up in my business which is really hard when I only have paper towels, water, and dish soap to clean up said diarrhea. It all becomes so frustrating.

If I try to leave the balcony while he’s napping to get myself food or get a little shut eye myself he’ll start barking and howling. As soon as I come out (I try to wait a while or until he stops as to not reward his bad behavior) he goes back to napping. He hates it when I’m not in his line of sight. I can’t shower because he can’t see through the shower curtain. No one will help me either.

My SO is fantastic, I love him very much. When we were at the vet with the puppy and I was denied for CareCredit he had us reapply with him as a co-signer so we would get approved. He works in construction, M-F from 7am-3pm and has to sit in traffic there and back and always complains about his body pains. By the time he gets home he doesn’t want to really tend to a puppy completely, he wants to zone out and let the dogs entertain themselves. It’s the way his dog was raised which is fine but I don’t want my dog unsupervised so the times he’s home when I could be showering I end up taking care of the puppy still until my SO makes himself available.

I’m so stressed and just needed to vent.

Also I tried to tell SO about this and he tried to fix things (his solutions weren’t real solutions either) instead of just listen.

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