My puppy is progressively getting worse at being Outside

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My girl is six month old Labrador that’s been with me since she was three months. I potty trained her to use the bell to let me know when she wants to go.

Issue is, my back porch has two steps that you have to go through to get to the yard and she is TERRIFIED. If it’s wet or it’s raining or it’s mildly dark or it’s humid or there’s a bird or a noise she refuses to get down. She just stands on top of the steps looking scared.

I feel like the more time she spends with me the more and more scared she’s gotten even though I’m trying to make it positive with treats and soft tones. I’ll go out there and run and throw balls but unless it’s a beautiful sunny day at 2 pm with no clouds or I pick her up and drop her in the center, she refuses to go.

She’s getting heavier and I can’t carry her so she pees every Time. Please help!

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