my puppy is extremely badly behaved and i feel it’s my fault.

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yup… we a good streak of being puppy blues-less but here we go.

he’s only 9 weeks old but he’s honestly out of control no matter the amount of exercise and training. simply refuses to behave, i know he’s a puppy and wants to have fun but at this point it’s really difficult to love him.

he can jump on my bed now so he does that, and if he can find anything on it it’ll become a toy. destroys shoes. jumps, bites, barks. if i say no to him, he barks really loud at me and bites — most likely as a game — and yeah right now he’s cute and small so it wouldn’t bother me too much if he weren’t going to get really big very soon.

i can’t be around my family with him because he gets extremely excited around other people and completely ignores everything.

i wish i could take him to puppy classes. i didn’t know it was something i’d ever need, i’ve read so much stuff and knew all the basics before i got a puppy. man, i thought i was so ready but this isn’t the puppy i wanted. i didn’t want my hands getting new scars every day and a dog that bites harder when i express discomfort or jumps at me and bites when i say no. it’s like he doesn’t care about hurting me. rips clothes. cries extremely loud when crated / left alone which he never did before?

i make sure he gets all his sleep, we run every day in our garden for at least an hour. doesn’t seem to matter, when he’s awake he’s still full of energy, ready to bite and destroy everything he comes across

i know puppy blues also comes from the fact that i rescued him very young (3w old) and he used to be small and calm and not this full of energy little monster. he liked to cuddle so much when he was younger. now cuddling doesn’t exist anymore, he doesn’t seem to want affection, just to play and bite.

i can see my dog is attached to me. i know he loves me, and i love him too but it’s become hard to love him. i’m not going to give up on him, but i don’t know if i can bond with this dog anymore at all now, and i really feel the reason why he behaves so badly is all my fault, and that i’m failing him.

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