My puppy is entering adolescence and is ignoring me a lot more. This is starting to make me feel sad and disconnected from her, what can I do to not feel this way?

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I got my pup as a rescue at 4 months old. I understand she was scared at first and needed to come out of her shell, and I did everything to support that and make her feel safe and feel like she’s finally home. One of the cutest things about her was that she constantly wanted contact, like if she sat next to me her paw was on me. Or if I was in the kitchen doing whatever she would lay down right behind me and against my legs. If there was a lap available she would always sit in it. She loved sleeping on me too, and I felt like it was such good bonding time and it made my heart melt.

Now she’s going on 6 months and entering that adolescence phase and I can’t help but to feel rejected or unloved by her, as stupid as it sounds. If I’m on the couch (with command only) and invite her up, she doesn’t want to or will ignore me, and much rather be in her crate (which I know is awesome behavior but makes me sad). She’s listening less and less and I know I have to stick with it but it’s hard at times because she used to listen really well.

What can I do to stop taking it so personally? And what can I do to feel like we have a bond again, I don’t want to force her to interact with me. Will this phase somehow make her like me less?

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