My puppy hates day care, and it’s breaking my heart

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So, my mini schnauzer Walter has started going to puppy daycare in the last month, and each time the staff has mentioned that he seemed shy around the other dogs, as well as whiny when left in the kennel at points. I’ve tried Kong’s, bringing my shirt to put into his kennel, bringing snack, etc to no avail. Today, I walked in and he was SCREECHING bloody murder as if he was dying and the daycare worker said that if his behavior continued they’d have to reconsider taking him again.

I am so sad. I (thought I) worked really hard to socialize him in the 8-16 week period. When I’m around, he loves playing with dogs in my apartment dog park, loves playing with pups in his puppy training classes and is totally fine being crated at home (even when I leave for work).

What are some ways I could help get him acclimated to daycare? Should I keep trying or is he just not a daycare dog? I feel like he’s still so young, there’s gotta be a way to help him get through this and foster healthy fun relationships with other dogs when I’m not around.

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