My Puppy HATES being alone. I can’t leave for a second with out him crying and howling. I just want to be able to leave the house and sleep in my bedroom again! What do I do???

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I just got a new puppy four days ago and overall it’s been pretty good. He’s been catching on to the potty training and he now voluntarily hangs out in his crate. He seems to like his crate sometimes and when he’s really tired at night he’s fine with being in there when the door is closed, but I always have to be near him. His crate is in our living room and Ive been sleeping on the couch every night with him. When we have to take midnight bathroom breaks and I return him to his crate, I try not to talk much and I return him straight to his crate, but he will start whining if I don’t sit in the living room with him until he calms down. I’m scared I’ll never be able to sleep in my bedroom again! This behavior also translates to during the day. He is absolutely not okay when I lock him in his crate in the daytime (even though he will voluntarily lay in there) I’ve tried to leave him completely alone in his locked crate as a sort of mock leave for only around 10 minutes at a time. He hasn’t been completely alone for longer than that and he whines so loud I’m afraid the neighbors will complain! I realize I’m not too far into the puppy raising process, but I’m not able to leave his sight without him crying and howling. I haven’t left the apartment for days and I’m starting to feel like I never will! Are there techniques to help him grow out of this? How long was it for you until your puppy was fine with being locked in his crate throughout the day? All I want to do is be able to go to class and go on dates with my boyfriend again and not have to worry he will wake the whole neighborhood😫

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