My puppy has serious attitude problems.

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Let me start by saying I have no idea what breed my dog is. I found her at work tied up to a barn (I work at a zoo) with another puppy. She was covered in flees and ticks, insanely skinny, and riddled with worms. I decided to take a gentle approach in training/disciplining her because she was so scared at everything in the beginning. Now, when she destroys something and I say “Winry…” she knows she’s done something wrong. Half the time she looks guilty before I’ve even discovered what she’s done, however, when she has a bunch of energy and I tell her “no”, she throws a huge tantrum about it. It’s usually when she’s chasing the cats, trying to jump on the bed while I’m folding clothes or something, or I tell her to get in her bed/lay down. She barks/talks back to me in these situations. It was kind of funny at first, but now I would just obviously prefer for my dog to listen to me instead of throw tantrums. When she’s like this, scolding just makes her worse. Should I ignore this behavior? Should I reward her when she’s done throwing tantrums? I need help, she’s an oddball.

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