My puppy gets aggressive if you go near his face

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I have a 5 month Border Collie pup who has always been a bad biter. When we first got him he would bit like crazy – not just puppy biting, but blood-drawing, scar-making, unstoppable biting. Everyone told us to give him up but we stuck with him and started seeing a behaviourist. In all honestly, the behaviourist didn't help much (she didn't believe in aggressive puppies, so instead just taught us some impulse control games) but he did get better. He stopped biting and became manageable.

However, he still gets triggered when we're near his face. Putting his harness on is a battle. He does this thing where he snaps his head at me as if to say 'I'll bite you if you do that' when I'm putting his harness on. He also does that if you get too close too his face, but not all the time, only sometimes.

Please help! I love my puppy and I want to sort this out before he becomes a big dog and his warning snap turns into an actual bite that could injure myself/others.

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