My puppy bites me when I restrain her

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I have asked this question on here before and was referred to resources that I have since put into practice.

The problem persists. My 6 month old mini dachshund bites me and my partner when we are restraining her. She doesn’t bite every time but if you catch her when she’s in a playful or biting mood, she will. She certainly doesn’t bite down hard (it doesn’t hurt) but it’s not mouthing and she’s doing it to get what she wants, in this case being let go. I’m worried the bite could get harder over time.

Currently we have been focusing on obedience training. We tell her to ‘drop it’ when playing with a toy. She’s good with this command. We also tell her to ‘leave it’ when giving her treats. We then apply this obedience training to her when she bites us, telling her to ‘leave it’, but it don’t seem to be working.

Is there more I should be doing and is this as much of a concern as I think? I had a family dog growing up who would never ever bite, so this seems unusual to me.

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