My puppy barks and growls when approaching other dogs on walks

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When we're lead walking my puppy starts to pull on the lead, bark and growl when another dog is coming towards us. Once he reaches them he stops barking and growling and just sniffs and says hello. I'm pretty sure he's not at all scared, in fact my mom and other people have commented on just how fearless this little fella is for such a little dog!

I want him to at least stop the growling because I don't want people to think he's an aggressive dog as they approach us. The barking I can live with – he's a 'barky' dog. He's the most playful, loving pup and just wants to say hello to everyone – dogs and humans alike. So why does he growl? He sometimes growls at the television (if he see's an animal for example) and noises outside when we're home too.

I want to add that when he's walking off the lead he doesn't do this. He just runs over to them to say hi with the odd bark. Could it be that he feels threatened by other dogs when on the lead because they are meeting face on and he has no choice in the matter? I read that when dogs meet face on it's quite an aggressive approach and not the way would approach each other in the wild.

Is there anything I can do stop this behaviour or will he grow out of it?

He's 5 months old and well socialised. He has regular play dates with other dogs and goes to doggy day care once a week.

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