My pup starts to get territorial?

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I guess that's what people called "adolescence stage". My 5,5 months Pit Pup just got back to his "normal" self; potty trained, can walk pretty-well, listens to me, etc. after the struggle of 4,5 months old period where it looked like he forgot his well-behaved puppy stage. We kept on with our training and it looks like he came out of those dark period eventually.

But new problems starting to appear. He usually a pretty chill pup, doesn't really care about weird sounds around him. Lately, he starts barking and growling whenever he hears neighbors' car or people's conversation while walking by our house. He starts 'guarding' as in sitting and being alert in near the front door. Does he starts to get territorial? Since he only does that (barking and growling on strange noise) inside the house. What should I do to counter this so that it won't escalate to aggression on guests later? So far what I did was redirecting him with treats & toys but it doesn't always works.

Any suggestion and help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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