My pup is ill (dw we’ve been to the vets)

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I brought my pup home on Friday and he is just lovely. He loves people and wants all the cuddles and playtime. He is so smart. He only had a few accidents before working out that going to the back door meant we would take him to the loo outside.

Today he had quite a lie in (which meant my partner and myself could lie in too) which we weren't concerned about. But he didn't eat his breakfast. We are doing crate training and he wasn't interested in all the best treat including cheese. He had a small play for about 5 mins before sleeping pretty much all day and had eaten nothing. I made some scrambled eggs for him and he just wasn't interested. As he is only 8 and a half weeks old, I called the vet to check how long of not eating is a bad sign in such a small puppy. They had an appointment booked for me half an hour later. Obi just wasn't himself in the car. He wasn't interested in anything and just lay down. He vomited as we pulled into the vets.

The vet gave him an anti-nausea injection and an antibiotic injections. They sent me away with an antidiorehea gel and some antibiotic pills for tomorrow.

Obi was feeling a bit hungry and I made him some boiled chicken (as suggested by the vet) which he wasn't interested in to start with but clearly he was hungry. I gave him a very small piece and waited for an hour to make sure he wasn't going to throw it up before letting him eat some more.

He is sleeping now but man. I fell in love with this puppy so quickly. I am so worried about him and I hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

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