My pup hates being left alone

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So I've got a lab pup (Kai), he just turned 12 weeks and I've had him for a bit over a week. He's doing super great in my home, but I definitely feel like I've got "mom brain". I try to give him time by himself to play each day and he does fine by himself, but he cannot stand being left alone. The second I leave his sight he whines. I've tried waiting it out a few seconds to see if he'd eventually calm himself, but he only gets louder.

I had plans to run out to get some fast food with my boyfriend for dinner, but Kai was not having it so I stayed with him. Even after my boyfriend left, Kai continued to (more quietly) pout and whine at the door and kept looking out the window for him.

It isn't only when actually leaving though, if he finds himself all alone he whines. Sometimes he'll take it upon himself to find us, but other times he sits by himself to cry until I find him. The most alone he'll be is sitting in the hall (where someone is visible) to nap or play quietly, but even then he likes to come check on you periodically.

I understand he's definitely still a baby, but I would like to leave him for at least 20 minutes by himself without worrying. Is there anything I can do to help him? Possibly that I spend too much time with him at home all day? Is it simply that he's so young?

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