My pup has a cold :(

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I took Zenny to the vet today, she's a 5 month old Sheepadoodle. She had a drippy nose last night, that got worse overnight. At some point this morning the drips became full on yellow snot. She started sneezing a bit as well as this awful snorting when her nose got really clogged. She coughed a few times, but that was mostly a 'mucus in the back of the throat' clearing. I felt really bad that I had to crate her for 4 hours while I was at work, but I suspect that she slept the whole time. She's been so tired today. Our vets office is all walk-ins, but you can join the queue online so we did that the second I got home. Because of that we only had to wait an hour in the parking lot instead of the 4 that we would have. Zenny kept falling asleep in the car which is very out of character.

The vet gave us antibiotics as well as eyedrops because her eyes were looking pretty red. She was a trooper taking the pill (wrapped in cheese) less so with the eyedrops but we made it. She's been so sleepy today and now she's resting more. I'm just happy that she is eating and drinking normally.

I've been worried about her all day and am so happy that the vet said that she should be fine. We just have to get through 10 days of meds. This sub has helped so much with raising her so far, I'm not really sure what I'm hoping to get out of this post. Maybe just some support in dealing with a sick pup? Maybe some tips on how to keep her occupied (vet said to not let her be too active)? Does anyone have tips on how to get a pup to cooperate with getting eyedrops?

TL;DR: Pup has a cold, will be fine, this sub is awesome, thanks for all the support.

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