My "potty trained" dog now gives me 1-2 minutes to let him outside before he just pees or poops in the house

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My dog is shepherd mix, 1 yr 7 months old and a handful, but WAS almost perfectly potty trained. We used to live in an apartment and he would go on about 3 good walks a day with no accidents. About 2 months ago, we moved into a house with a fenced in yard and my boyfriend and I work from home so we're able to take him out to play and do his business a lot more throughout the day.

In the last month though his potty training has regressed. It's strange because he seems to KNOW he's supposed to go outside. When he has to go, he'll scratch at the back door but if we don't let him out within like 60 seconds of him doing that, he'll just go inside. So when we hear him scratching, one of us has to drop what we're doing and rush to let him out. He goes out way more than he used to when we lived in the apartment, and he was able to hold it anywhere from 6-10 hours if he had to then. I'm not sure what changed or how to correct it. Any advice very much appreciated!!

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