My pit/Dalmatian rescue is rude to other dogs

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She’s amazing with people but the moment she sees another dog in public it’s instant squealing barking almost screaming and pulling on the leash. I’ve had her interact nicely in a calm space with another dog that I know and trust even though it took a while to calm her down enough to relax around said dog. In public she acts like a holy terror around unknown dogs and it scares people. If I let her get close she doesn’t bite she just gets in their face and crowds them and I’m scared she’ll get attacked because of it. I don’t know what happened to her in the 9 months before I adopted her so maybe she was attacked or something but the foster lady I adopted her from said she got along well with the other foster dogs. I’m at my wits end since she’s my first dog in adulthood and I have no idea how to handle this, pls help me.

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