My older puppy didn’t have a great meeting with another dog and I’m kicking myself for letting it happen.

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No real advice needed, I just wish I would have gotten my dog out of this situation sooner instead of trying to make small talk. :/

I was at a brewery last night getting food. My 10mo female Golden Retriever puppy was with me. She is not yet fixed and outgoing but pretty submissive. A few tables away there were two owners with their dogs, a 5y/o small male mix breed (not sure what the mix was) and a 3 y/o husky. The husky is barking at my dog from a distance but the smaller dog is fine. I am getting ready to go and the owner of the smaller dog approaches and asks if his dog can say hi, his dog grew up with a Golden. I say yes and that meeting goes super well. Then the husky owner comes up with this dog. That meeting did not go very well, the husky was barking in my dog's face while my dog was on her back (submissive flop). It happened twice. I was trying to talk to the owner of the smaller dog and then the husky lifted his leg and straight up peed on/marked? my dog. I don't know if that was a dominance thing or a sexual thing, but the meeting ended after that.

At this point, my dog has met or interacted with probably at least a hundred dogs and not really had a bad experience, so I really hope this won't have long term effects, but it's still a concern in the back of my mind. Next time I will try to end it smoothly as soon as I see that she's uncomfortable.

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