My newly adopted large breed dog just bit me

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Background: About 2 weeks ago, we adopted a 4.5yo intact female Great Pyrenees from Craigslist. The family was too busy for her and said she had some “bad habits” which included getting in the garbage, running out, and opening doors. They said they didn’t do much obedience training with her but besides that she was a wonderful dog. Up until now she’s been pretty great. Sweet and gentle in the house. On walks she pulls but I’ve gotten to the point where she’ll walk along side me, but with constant reminders. With other dogs on leash she’s great again gentle and sweet most dogs are super calm with her. At the dog park she can be very dominant over dogs that are acting out. She’s very stubborn at times. Doesn’t appear to be terribly food motivated so haven’t done much in terms of training. She kinda wants to get in the garbage but responds quickly if I snap or say no.

Tonight: I was laying in bed and I heard the sounds of mischief. I walk out to see the dog has snatched a piece of pizza off the counter. I walk up to her and I think verbally scolded. I tried to take the pizza and she growled. I got frustrated and tried again. She growled. I DEFINITELY should have stopped at this point but for whatever reason I didn’t. I tried again to get her to release it. I think she was sitting I was standing over her bent over and what I think happend is as I tried to take the pizza she bit idk if she lunged but all of a sudden her canines with the pizza in mouth were clamped on my neck. I said no a bunch super loud and pried her jaws open with my hand. She finished the pizza as I cleaned up. Then I went back and she had the naughty look. She laid down and stayed there for a while.

So I’m pretty shook up. Damage is not too bad but I have two good punctures on my throat.

I need advice on what to do from here. Do I keep her and work on it? Will it always be an uphill battle? Do I give her up? Will anyone even take her if she’s bitten a person? Do I put her down?

I really don’t know where to go from here. Please help

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