My new, scared pup, Rory and I need yalls help…

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I adopted her about 2 months ago. From the adoption people, they told me that she was 9 months old and had seen somethings. Apparently she lived on the streets for a while, and one of the dogs she was running with got shot and lost her leg. I’m not sure when she got picked up for adoption or what her other kind of living situations were like (if she even had any…)

So since I’ve had her, all she wants to do is sit and whine in her crate. She won’t get out to go to the bathroom but maybe twice a day. If I’m lucky, she’ll join me on the couch, and will run back and forth (real fast and in a sense of urgency) from her crate to her self designated spot on the couch. She goes no where else in the house. When I touch her, she jumps. I’ve been trying to give her space to get adjusted, got her toys, and have tried to stick to a schedule for her food and bathroom breaks. My roommate and I have two other dogs, one of which she follows around a lot and somewhat plays with him (but only outside). She acts scared and incredibly timid.

I just want her to love me 😭 what can I do?

She’s a basenji mixed with something else

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