My new puppy was great for the first three days, now he’s misbehaving and i don’t know what to do.

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I brought my new puppy home four days ago, but it already feels like forever. (he’s 10wks old, 3/4 Husky) and he did great with potty training, only one accident right when I brought him home. And, after the first night, he makes it almost 6 hours during the night before asking to go outside. However, today he had two accidents. I’ve been taking him on multiple walks a day now, and he sometimes refuses to follow me down certain paths. It seems like he just always wants to go back inside. He barks at strangers and barks more aggressively at other dogs.

I tried sitting on the porch with him as other people walked by but i just couldn’t get him to calm down when people were nearby. I’m trying to get him to socialize as much as possible but he is too protective. I’m worried that behavior will stick around.

It’s really hard asking strangers if my dog can say hi to their dog while he is barking his head off.

It’s hard to keep him occupied and not chewing on my furniture all day because i’m living alone. (i have roommates but they aren’t here because college is cancelled)

How can I get him to be more friendly towards strangers?? I tried (on the porch) giving him lots of treats right when i knew a stranger was about to walk by, before he saw, but when he noticed them he would just forget about the treats and start barking.

Help! I’m writing this after getting in bed while he’s across my room in his kennel, and he started barking at me for the first time as i was getting in bed! (I ignored him of course)

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