My neighbor has finally crossed a line

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Look we all get it. Having a new puppy in a building is not the most fun for the neighbors. However, I went out of my way to try to accommodate my neighbor who has no job and is home all the time. I introduced her to the puppy and gave her my card to let me know if the puppy was really out of control with barking so I could try to help. She asked for access to my home during the day to see him when I was at work (no, obviously) and accused me of torturing him when he cried during crate training. I even asked her to let me know when she wasn't home so that I could align crate training to those times, but she said she's just home all the time.

Finally, this weekend, I was dog sitting another dog (puppy is now 5 months old and I wanted to give it a try for socialization). I was assured the dog could be alone for hours at a time so I took my puppy out to dinner with me and the dog was admittedly howling. She unleashed a slew of text attacks accusing me of torturing dogs and threatening to call the authorities. I admitted to her that I had probably bitten off more than I anticipated, but I would be home shortly and be choosier about dog sitting in the future. She continued to text me hateful things, culminating in me sending a lengthy message that while I wanted to consider her comfort, I was not breaking any rules, and she could take things up with the board (of which I am a member) or the building manager. I indicated that I would no longer be responding to her messages since she clearly did not understand dogs or their needs (she told me crate training was unnecessary and again, that I was torturing my puppy) and she was being incredibly rude and offensive (I drafted a very calm message and had my building manager approve it). She finally responded the next morning with "I wish you had a heart."

My building manager is wholly on my side and even willing to send an anti-harassment letter, but I just needed to vent to some fellow puppy parents. Thanks for reading.

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