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My 9wk old mini aussie/corgi is a little land shark, a terror, a machine built to destroy hands and shoelaces…but she's mine, and she's so wonderfully smart.

As I'm sitting here, drenched and sleepy, I'm so proud of my little June bug. She doesn't like the wet grass on her little tummy and it's storming, but she had to potty. And she knew where she had to potty. So after running in and out of the doggy door, spazzing around the house, she finally just sprinted out and did her business. Her zoom back to the door almost made me tear up. I didn't even mind she chose my arm instead of the toy for a moment, because she pottied in the rain on her own dammit.

Anyway, she's pretty great. And despite the minor bites and now more frequent new barks, I love her. And I'm really happy to be her owner.

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