My large 10 month old puppy ran towards a couple and scared the crap out of them and now I feel horrible

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I have to start by saying, dog people love my German shepherd mix puppy. She’s friendly, loves people, and is excited to see everyone. Non dog people? They tend to be very off put by her energy. She’s the sweetest thing, but I really have to reel her in so that she doesn’t try to greet every person we see on walks. We’re working on it. She’s also very high energy and we live in an apartment so we don’t have a yard. She goes to playgroup during the day but it’s not enough to get her energy out, so every day when I get home from work, I take her to the park that other people also let their dogs off leash (but it’s not a dog park), and carefully watch over her while we play fetch.

I keep her leash on her just in case, but up until today she has ignored other people as they’re walking through the park. But today, for some reason, either I let my guard down or she was feeling extra frisky, and after she caught the stick, she ran towards a couple walking instead of coming back to me. And she scared the crap out of them. All she did was run over and drop the stick at their feet, and they jumped so far and yelled at me. They were foreign, so they couldn’t understand when I tried to tell them she was friendly and that she just wanted them to play. I obviously immediately grabbed her leash and we left.

Honestly, I feel absolutely horrible. I can’t get the way they looked at me and and her out of my head. I know it’s a risk and that I probably shouldn’t let a dog off leash that I don’t trust 100%. But she is a MONSTER of energy and excitement at home if I don’t let her get her energy out, and this is the closest park to where we live. When I bring her to the park, she sleeps and/or is calm for the rest of the night. I don’t know if I should keep taking her there or stop. Adolescence is hard and I feel like I had just figured out what works for her, and now this was a huge step backwards today. I just feel terrible.

Edit: I don’t have an imgur but here’s an old post for puppy tax of my girl.

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