My kid is so sweet, and so neurotic. Is there a way to help her overcome her spacial challenges?

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I love my girl so much. She’s a Lhasa apso who is a little over a year old. She’s sweet, snuggly, loves sausages, and is a general good girl! The thing is, she has some spatial issues. Ups and downs are a real problem. She can’t figure out how to jump up on the couch. Instead, she stands on her hind legs and aggressively pats the couch asking to come up. It’s usually okay, since I’m vigilant about putting her on the floor when I have to stand up. It’s also same deal with stairs. I carry her upstairs whenever I have to go upstairs, and down when I have to go the other way.

Now here’s the issue: my condo (which i haven’t moved into yet— still living at mom’s house until the kitchen is finished, though squeak and I have slept there) is a split level. There are a lot of stairs, and sometimes I need to carry stuff downstairs. Poor baby Squeakums is stuck upstairs —or downstairs, depending— and I don’t want to stress her out. She waddles and cries, and it upsets us both. On top of that, she has regressed: she gets freaked out when she has to jump over the 6” threshold from the entryway of my mom’s house to the kitchen that she didn’t even think about a week ago. As far as I can tell, it’s come out of nowhere. There’s no real reason for her to be afraid of the threshold (seriously, someone is home with her and her dog brothers 24/7, nothing traumatizing happened) and I had so much hope that I could train her on to go up and down with some work.

For background I admit that when she was three months old I accidentally sat on her tail, she got angry (for good reason, I’m sure it was uncomfortable!), snorted at me, threw herself off my bed, and tried to baby waddle away. I never expected it to have long-lasting effects.

How can I help her be more comfortable with hopping? I’ve had Lhasas (a total of 4 over the course of my life) who had spatial issues they just couldn’t overcome, but I do believe that if I had done better with positive reinforcement/ training I could have gotten them past it. What should I do? I tried luring her downstairs with cheese, but she is having none of it. This baby has got to learn her stairs. I appreciate the input. Thanks, everyone!

TLDR; my dog understands x, but not the yz direction. How do I get my dog to do the yz?

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