My husband doesn’t like our puppy

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Sorry if this doesn’t belong here, was not sure where to post! I apologize in advance for that and for the novel..

One year after loosing our last dog my husband and I decided it was time for a new pack member. To be fair I made the decision and he fought it at first and then agreed. He goes away for months at a time for work and as our previous dog was mine for 8 years before he even met us it was just really hard to be home completely alone. My husband loved our past dog even though he didn’t know him very long and the loss hit him very hard. But it’s been a year and a foster dog later we decided to get our first puppy (previous dog was a rescue). We got our puppy in November and things were going very well but it was stressful as neither of us had gone through raising a puppy. But besides that he genuinely seemed to love/care about the him. When our puppy reached 5 months my husband left for work again and i worked really hard with him over 3 months training him and he also got neutered in this timeframe. I really bonded with the puppy and i love him so much and was just so happy to have a companion again. My husband came back home recently and I was beyond excited for our reunion including him seeing our pup again (who is now 8 months). It hasn’t been anything like I hoped however. He can’t seem to get over how much he’s grown and thinks he’s too big. He even called him chubby which he isn’t we trail walk 2 hours a day plus 3 other walks and training – this dog is beyond spoiled and well exercised. I love walking in the trail with the dog and seeing him frolic and love life but my husband complains about the mess and when we get home the smell. He wants the dog to have a bath every day! We just have such different ideas is dog ownership and he keeps saying we should have gotten something smaller. I know it takes time for bonding to happen but I can’t help but be a little heartbroken about this. It’s like my puppy and I have been living our best lives together and now my husbands back and wants to change a lot of the habits we’ve gotten into. (Dog sleeping on the bed/couch – which was never a complaint when he was smaller, bath every day, etc) has anyone else gone through a partner not liking the new puppy?! Any tips on how I can help them bond or for my husband to see my little guy how I see him? Even just words of patience and helping me be more understanding to see where he may be coming from would help! Thank you all x

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