My GSD won’t stop bitting!!

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Just got a German Shepherd puppy and he turned 9 weeks on Monday. Overall he is a very good dog. He’s friendly with new ppl, he doesn’t run away, and overall he listens. My main issue with him rn is the bitting! I have bought him so many toys but he tends to be fascinated with my feet. I’ll try walking away but he thinks it’s a game and goes harder. I yell stop and he’ll either some what back off or bark/growl at me then pounce. He also gets bored of his toys quick and goes for any house hold items (which I expected) but what can I do to stop it? Also why is he doing this? Is it just pent up energy so he decides to make his own fun? Or is he angry. He doesn’t full on attack me but he is pretty persistent and it gets exhausting stopping him from going at my feet or other items in the house… I really do love him but I need to fix this problem. I understand he is teething, does he just need extra relief? Pls help, thanks!!

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