My girlfriends dog hates only me. What can we do?

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The dog (2 and a half year old Pitbull) lives with her family at a different place but for 2 years anytime I'm there he freaks out and runs away and constantly keeps an eye on me. I've tried ignoring him, getting close to him, giving him treats/food and water but he refuses to touch it if I do, took him on walks but even on the leash he pulls hard to run away or goes in circles around me. I have a dog myself and have had others in the past without issues and have been around tons of other people's dogs without any problem like this. Recently her family got another dog who is good with me.

I was thinking at first maybe he smells my dog, but there's other people that visit them that own dogs too and he's great and super friendly with them.

I am taller than most of her family so I was thinking maybe that's also related but we've seen him be friendly with others just as tall or taller.

I also had a thought that maybe he associates me with my gf leaving when I have gone to pick her up from there in the past but I have even stayed over a weekend with him and no change.

It's very upsetting to me and I want to find a way for him to be ok with me.

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