My fiancé and I rescued a dog last Friday and today he started growling at my fiancé. Help!

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A little backstory- We went to the shelter after looking at their website to meet Winston, a 2yr old “lab mix.” (We think he’s probably lab/pit bull) Anyway, when we got there, we realized he was badly beaten up. He had a huge gash in his leg that was stitched up with other cuts over his body. (we later realized it was from another animal attacking him and discovered other various already healed scars over his body.) He was such a happy and friendly boy though so we really wanted to give him a forever home.

The past week has been filled with treats, cuddles, and all the love. I (f) have really bonded with him as I’m working from home currently and spend most of my time with him. My fiancé (m) has been working but has spent time bonding with and loving him as well.

We’ve only had a couple of incidents since we brought him home — he had a few accidents inside, one of which my fiancé verbally scolded him, never physically. And last night, when he ate one of the blinds. I was in the other room but I could hear that my fiancé handled it too intensely but still not physically.

Today, when my fiancé got home from work Winston was normal. He greeted him by jumping off the couch and anxiously sliding his way to him to get his lovins.

A few hours later, Winston found a bone we gave him his first night and brought it in the bedroom to chew on. I went to go make sure he was good as he has been up our butts since he came home land just played on my phone next to him. My fiancé comes in the room, and at this point, his bone is somewhere in the bed and Winston and I are just cuddling… Winston starts growling at my fiancé and ends up snipping at him.

We put the bone up and went about business as usual but now, pretty much every time my fiancé pays attention to Winston, he starts growling and snarling.

Any help or places you could recommend for help would be appreciated. We really want to keep him and give him his forever home, this is breaking our hearts.

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