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Rocko is my 5-month-old Blue Heeler mix. I rescued him from my local shelter when he was 8-weeks-old. He's been by my side since.

Rocko became terribly sick Friday morning. It seemed like it came out of the blue. He was throwing up and could barely lift his head. I got scared. I rushed him to the vet and they decided to keep him there to monitor him throughout the day.

The vet ran some tests on him and they called me back later that afternoon. Rocko tested positive for parvo.

The news was a shock. I’ve done everything I could to be a responsible dog owner. At 5-months-old, he’s been fully vaccinated. The vet was just as perplexed as I was.

Rocko needed to be hospitalized immediately.

So there are three things that could have happened: 1. Rocko’s immune system isn’t working quite right and the immunization didn’t work on him. 2. The vaccine he was given was inert. 3. The parvovirus could be mutating and the current vaccine may be ineffective against a new strain.

All bad news.

So the good news? After four days in the dog hospital, Rocko was able to come home today and is doing much BETTER! The vet says he’s never seen a puppy with parvo make such a quick recovery.

Because something obviously went wrong, the manufacturer of the vaccination Rocko received is going to pay for all of Rocko’s treatment (which was going to be around $1,200). The manufacturer is also going to send Rocko’s blood sample to Cornell University to test if the parvovirus has indeed mutated.

Right now, Rocko is sitting on the couch with his toy. He's back to his normal, teething self. He still has a lot of medication to take and a long road to recovery. For now, I'm just thankful he is alive.

Parvo has been a horrible experience. It's been especially hard because I was so careful to not expose my pup to anything dangers and he still got sick.

Anyway, that's mine and Rocko's story.

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