my dogs bark when i leave the house and when i return

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i have 2 dogs (1 small yapper, 1 medium woofer) and i just moved to a new apartment away from my parents house. they are fine with the move, but have always had someone at the house with them to calm them down when i leave. they’ve always barked when i return, though. it didn’t used to be a problem because i lived in a house and i could usually walk inside quickly (they start barking as soon as they hear my loud truck pull up) to make them stop. now, i have to walk all the way from the parking lot to my gate, unlock the gate, then unlock my two doors. it’s about 1-2 minutes of whining/yapping, until i can eventually enter the house, even if i tell them to “quiet”, they don’t stop until they see me. they also whine/bark when i leave the house. i have given them mentally stimulating treat toys for when i leave, i have sat them down in their bed and given them chews to keep them occupied, left the tv on for background noise. they stay in their bed until i close the door, then they start whining and scratching at the door as i’m exiting. i don’t know how to solve this problem, they don’t bark while i’m away, only when i’m leaving and coming back. i have made sure to not excite them these days when i come home and pretty much ignore them until they settle down. i have also tried to teach them the quiet command. it’s hard teaching old dogs new tricks, but not impossible, so i was wondering if any of you amazing people could help me quiet them down! thank you💖

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