My dog won’t really listen to anyone else.

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I adopted my rescue about a year ago and boy has he come far. We mainly focused on reward based training in the beginning because he knew nothing and started him as if he were a puppy (potty training, walking a leash, the foundational stuff) even though he was 5 at the time.

Overtime he got so much better, but I started seeing a stall in him, so the last three weeks I’ve introduce clicker training and DAMN WHAT A GOOD BOY.

He now has a much better understanding of commands and I’ve begun incorporating hand motions into tricks in order to get him to do something on command without me speaking (more just for fun). For example: For sit, I bend my arm at my elbow and raise my fist to my shoulder, then to lie down I extend my arm back down to a resting position. He’s been very responsive and has honestly become a new dog in the last week! Today, he even did a 3 mile walk with barely any pulls and his leash aggression was minor, while still listening to commands when distracted.

BUT, he won’t really listen to anyone else unless they have chicken or something, but not so much with regular treats. My girlfriend tries all the time, whether it’s asking him to do something because we need him to, or coming out with me to train and using the clicker herself with him. He loves, loves, loves her, but doesn’t listen. He also goes nuts over my parents, but barely listens to them as well unless they have food to give him cause you know, they are his grandparents and all and have to spoil him lol.

Any suggestions? Is this normal? Or does this even really matter?

TLDR: My dog listens to me, not to anyone else, unless they’re holding a special treat.

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