My dog will NOT tire out and refuses to walk/go to the dog park. Any tips on what to do?

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Hey there!

I've owned my dog Tempo for 3 1/2 years now (he's 4) and I don't think I can say with confidence that I've ever seen him calm in a tired out sort of way. They said he was a dachshund mix but I think he's actually a lab/staffy mix with some dachshund sprinkled in.

I can take him on 2+ hour walks or walk him for miles, he will just come home and start running around and playing. My roommate has a Collie puppy (Koda) and they will play with each other. Koda will get tired out, but Tempo will not stop trying to play with him, and it's starting to become a hassle because we just want the two of them to coexist, not just constantly play. If I try to play with him myself, there will be no end to it. He will play with himself too, but that usually involves tossing his toys into the air, which unfortunately landed in my cereal bowl yesterday and spilled milk all over myself and the couch (a mistake I will never make again).

The issue here is, he does not like being walked or playing in the dog park. If I walk him a certain distance from the house, he will lose his mind and try to drag me home. He only walks in a group. If I take him (and Koda) to the dog park, he will just stand there, waiting to leave, and not bother to interact with Koda at all, even if they were just playing in the house 2 minutes earlier. It's like he doesn't want to be exercised, but he has ALL this pent up energy. I work doubles all the time and can't afford a walker (he's very dog reactive except with Koda so I wouldn't want to put a walker through that, anyway) so I can't just do all this myself constantly, and neither can my roommate.

I've seen him bored, and he will lie around and all, but once he gets started, he will not stop. The biggest issue is that he will not stop playing with Koda even when Koda is tired, and prevents Koda from being out of his corral and just makes things annoying after a while.

If it's relevant, he's a very high-strung dog and is on Prozac (which that in itself is a hassle to give him).

Are there any tips for tiring him out? Or at least learning when to stop playing and let another dog rest? Even being able to walk him long distances on my own without having to be walking in a group with other people would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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