My dog will not be nice to other animals

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I have a 9 year old pug. She hasn’t been around many other animals for her whole life but whenever she is near them she seems to attack them. It’s always a very sudden lunge never any growling and her tail rarely goes down. I got a ferret in February and I was really worried about this but for a while she did fine she just stayed away from him. Recently whenever he is out playing or just wandering around my room my dog will keep an extremely close eye on him and slowly walk up to him and then after staring for a while she will jump at him and often try to bite. Sometimes I wonder if she is trying to play because her tail is often up and when I put the ferret in his cage after an incident she will frantically look around the room for him and/or stare at his cage. When he is out and she’s not right on his ass she will watch him very carefully from on my bed and the second he’s out of her field of view she will run to another spot to try to see him. Is she just dumb and doesn’t know how to play or does she want to kill him? How do I keep both of them safe?

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